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Kindergarten and Homelink

Truscott Street Public School is currently taking enrollments for the 2020 Kindergarten cohort. If you have any questions about this enrollment process, please feel free to call the school or visit our office.

Once enrolled, your child will be invited to attend our HomeLink program as an introduction to school.  The program has been designed to give your child the best possible start to Primary School education.  HomeLink seeks to address any concerns parents and children have about starting school and to provide the school with valuable information about students.

The program has two components – one for parents and one for children.  These two components will run concurrently during a two hour session, over three consecutive Friday mornings. 

The first component involves students spending three two-hour sessions in our Kindergarten classes.  During these sessions, the school staff will work to gain some understanding of students enjoyment and skills in Play, Literacy, Numeracy, Creative Arts and Social Skills.  The second component involves parents in three workshops designed to inform parents about aspects of our school and to develop strategies to support learning at home.  These strategies will strengthen the home school partnership in the education of our students.  

Homelink 2019, for the 2020 Kindergarten students, will be on Friday 1 November, Friday 8 November and Friday 15 November.

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