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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy



The wearing of a school uniform identifies children with their school, promotes student allegiance and it also acts as a means towards providing equality amongst children, regardless of socio-economic background. The wearing of a uniform unites the school publicly, as well as being practical.


1.      To encourage pride and spirit in ‘our’ school.

2.      To encourage pride in appearance.

3.      To provide security for children travelling to and from school.

4.      To promote equity for all students.


·         Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform appropriate to the season or the activity.

·         No student can be prevented from attending school, or placed in a position of embarrassment because he or she is not wearing a school uniform.

·         Safety clothing should be provided and worn when required e.g. sport.

·         Truscott Street is a SunSmart school. All students are required to wear the school bucket hat when outside. We enforce the policy of No Hat, Play in the shade.

·         All students should wear comfortable, supportive and enclosed footwear.

          o   Black footwear with full school uniform.

          o   Suitable sport shoes with the sports uniform.

·         For safety reasons and to guard against breakage or loss, the wearing of jewelry is to be kept to a minimum. Acceptable jewelry includes a wrist watch, a single pair of plain ear studs or sleepers and no nail polish.

·         Neat hair, long hair should be tied back or plaited.  

Summer uniform is to be worn in Term 1 and Term 4 and Winter uniform in Term 2 and Term 3. A two week grace period is in place for uniform change over.

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the student’s name

Responsibilities and delegations

The Truscott Street Public School community determines the standards of dress.

·         A request for a change to the existing uniform should be directed to the Principal. Consultation with staff, students and parents is required using research, surveys and analysing feedback.

·         Should the school wish to change the uniform, parents, and as far as practicable, the retailers concerned must be notified. The school should announce its decision early in the year proceeding the year in which the change is to be introduced.

·         Once uniform changes are endorsed by the school community, the Principal needs to identify and be responsive to economic, personal and social factors.

·         School uniform should be chosen wisely with easy care fabrics selected.

Uniform shop

Uniforms can be purchased from the on-site uniform shop.

The P&C provide a clothing pool for purchasing second-hand clothing.

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